Workshop: Designing Successful Projects

February 1, 2015
Matt Wallens
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There are many factors that contribute to successful projects. Whether we’re working on websites, mobile apps, SAAS, or desktop software, sometimes we’re asked to work on products and services without a clear understanding of the problem the business is trying to solve and who the target customers are. Whether you are in a startup or a mature business, it’s important to have these fundamentals in place so that you don’t invest time and money on solving the wrong problem.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set up your project for success using a repeatable process. You will learn to (1) develop a deep understanding of the problem you are solving, (2) get early feedback on potential solutions to ensure that you are moving in the right direction, (3) choose the right members for your project team, and (4) create a well-defined plan for the project.

Since this is a full day workshop, we’ll provide morning coffee, a midday lunch, and an afternoon snack.

What you will learn

  • The critical questions you need to ask at the start and throughout the project to stay focused on the core value of your offering
  • How to set up a project room to keep your team members connected to the project goals and key problems to be solved
  • How to interview both business stakeholders and customers to help define the solution

What project issues are we looking to solve?

  • Undefined and misguided project stories and goals
  • Broken understanding of how customer research fits into a project
  • Project findings that get lost or forgotten
  • Broken communication between project team members
  • Lack of design leadership

Outline for the workshop

  • Introduction
  • What project issues do we face today
  • The project eco-system and who we need to work with
  • The problem with silos
  • The project example – designing a school
  • Understanding assumptions
  • The project room and walking through the artifacts
  • Stakeholder and customer interviews
  • Defining the value of our core offering
  • Bringing observations back to the design studio
  • Immersing and making sense of the observations
  • Ensuring that the observations make it into the core offering
  • Walking through the artifacts
  • Next steps

What you will get

  • Workshop slides
  • Templates to guide discovery
  • Artifact templates to use in your projects
  • Discounts on future workshops
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